Desert National Wildlife Refuge Photos

We started our first photography project at the Desert National Wildlife Refuge to show people why this amazing 1 million acre area of public land was worth protecting. 22 backers helped us raise over $1,000 to make this project happen. Here are the photos we've captured so far. More to come. 



Photo #1 "Yucca Forest, Mormon Well Road"

 Photo #2 "Rays of Light, Mormon Well Road"

Photo #3 "Mountains and Joshua, Mormon Well Road"


Photo #5 "Old Miner's Cabin from the left, Hidden Forest"



 Photo #MFC1 "Purple Rain, Mormon Well Road"


Photo #MFC2 "Cloud Over Yucca Forest"


Photo #MFC3 "Meadow Near Desert Pass"




Photo #D1 "Illuminated Joshua at Mormon Well Rd"


Photo #D2M "Crazy Ridge at Mormon Well Rd South"


Photo #D4 "Pine Trees Near Desert Pass"


Photo #D5BW "Dry Lake Bed at Alamo Rd North"


Photo #D7 "Purple Mountains Near Dry Lake"

Photo #D9BW "Desert Road Near Sheep Pass"

Photo #D11 "Corn Creek Trail"

Photo #D12 "Glowing Creosote Sunset at Corn Creek"

Photo #D13 "Larrea tridentata at Corn Creek"

Photo #D14 "Creosote Bushes at Corn Creek"

Photo #D15 "Fremont's Cottonwood Silhouette at Corn Creek"

Photo #D16 "Reeds at Corn Creek"

Photo #D17 "Rain Atop Sheep Mountains"


Photo #D19 "Hidden Forest Trail"

Photo #D20 "Moon in a Dream at Hidden Forest Cabin"


Photo #D22 "Ponderosas at Hidden Forest"

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